Jaco Rademeyer

All star Software Architect at Kanoobi Media!

Jaco takes care of all cloud based software development project from server scaling on Amazon Web Services to Cloud Database Systems like custom CRM’s, Accounting Databases, Cloud Invoicing Systems. Jaco is also our project manager for native Android and iOS App Development.

Currently Kanoobi Media is developing cloud database software for national deployment to schools in South Africa as well as building custom cloud database solutions for our clients.


  • Cloud Database Development: AWS & Caspio
  • Mobile application development: Android & iOS
  • Project Management
  • Software Engineering including Design, development, testing and
    implementation of custom Software Applications using the following languages:
    Java, C# / .Net, as well as Delphi, C / C++
  • Deployment of ICT Systems

Developer Awards:

Speech Visualizer Software was nominated by Light for the World for the Zero Project’s awards for “Innovative practices and innovative policies 2016 for education and/or ICT” along with 337 other entries. We received the Award during the 2016 Annual Zero Project Conference held during February 2016 at the United Nations offices in Vienna, Austria.

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