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Are you looking for the best scrum machines in the world?

1. Smart Scrum

Revolutionize Your Rugby Training with the Smart Scrum


In the competitive world of rugby, where the fine margins of fitness, strategy, and teamwork decide the outcome of games, the introduction of innovative training tools can be the difference between victory and defeat. The Smart Scrum, brought to you by One More Fitness Systems and available exclusively at ProGym Solutions, South Africa’s premier destination for elite gym and sports training equipment, is such an innovation. Designed to transform traditional rugby training paradigms, this state-of-the-art scrum machine is a cornerstone for any team serious about gaining a competitive edge.

Smart Scrum – One More Fitness Systems

Advanced Resistance Control for Real-World Simulation

The heart of the Smart Scrum’s innovation lies in its Advanced Resistance Control feature, allowing for an unprecedented level of training customization. Coaches can now simulate real-match scrum scenarios, adjusting the resistance players face to mirror the varying intensities of actual game play. This not only challenges players to enhance their physical conditioning but also sharpens their tactical acumen under game-like conditions.

Gaining a Unique Coaching Perspective

Beyond physical training, the Smart Scrum offers coaches a unique vantage point from within the scrum setup. This inside look into the scrum dynamics provides invaluable insights into how players adjust and react, offering data-driven feedback for personalized coaching strategies and player development plans. Such a perspective is crucial for refining team coordination and improving overall scrum effectiveness.

The Innovative Floating System: A Leap in Training Realism

With its cutting-edge floating system, equipped with live cushions and variable springs, the Smart Scrum introduces a level of realism previously unattainable in training environments. This system ensures that players experience consistent pressure from the opposing side, closely mimicking the unpredictable nature of live scrum engagements. It’s an essential tool for teams aiming to perfect their scrum technique and cohesion.

Elevating Rugby Excellence

The Smart Scrum is more than just a training apparatus; it’s a testament to One More Fitness Systems’ commitment to advancing rugby training methodologies. Suitable for teams at any level of competition, from local clubs to professional outfits, the Smart Scrum is poised to redefine how players and coaches approach the art and science of scrummaging. Its capacity to replicate a wide array of match situations makes it an indispensable part of any serious rugby program’s arsenal.

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2. Counter Scrum

Master Elite Rugby Techniques with the Counter Scrum


The path to rugby excellence is paved with dedication, strategic training, and the right equipment. The Counter Scrum, a pioneering creation from One More Fitness Systems and available at ProGym Solutions, South Africa’s premier outlet for sophisticated gym equipment, is the key to unlocking a new level of performance in professional rugby. Engineered in collaboration with seasoned rugby professionals, the Counter Scrum is the definitive training tool for players competing in elite tournaments such as the Pro 14 and Super Rugby.

Counter Scrum – One More Fitness Systems

Professional Grade Training Tool: Designed for the Elite

The Counter Scrum is born from a deep understanding of what top-tier rugby players need to excel. Developed in close collaboration with professional athletes, it meets the demanding requirements of competitive rugby. This professional-grade training tool ensures your preparation is relevant, rigorous, and directly aligned with the standards of high-stakes play.

A Comprehensive System for Unmatched Scrumming Precision

Equipped with an adjustable wall mount, band, and foot placement attachments, along with a high-quality resistance band, the Counter Scrum offers a complete training solution. This comprehensive system allows for a full spectrum of scrumming drills, from foundational techniques to advanced maneuvers, catering to every aspect of your scrum development.

Intuitive Resistance for Tailored Training

The innovative resistance bands and weights system of the Counter Scrum allows for personalized training sessions, enabling coaches to tailor exercises to each player’s specific needs. This focused approach to training enhances technique, form, and overall performance, making players formidable competitors on the international stage.

Durability that Endures

The Counter Scrum’s construction speaks volumes about its durability. Manufactured from high-quality laser-cut steel and precision-welded, it’s built to withstand the rigors of intense, daily training sessions. This equipment is a lasting investment in your rugby career, designed to endure the toughest training conditions.

3. Commander

Transform Your Athletic Training with the Commander


In the realm of elite sports, where the demands of performance push athletes to constantly seek improvement, the Commander emerges as a groundbreaking tool. Available through ProGym Solutions, South Africa’s premier provider of top-tier gym equipment, the Commander by More Fitness Systems is designed to revolutionize strength and conditioning training. Tailored for professional, university, and school athletes worldwide, it sets a new standard in training for peak performance, particularly for rugby players and other sports professionals.

Commander – One More Fitness Systems

Precision-Engineered for Peak Performance

The Commander is not just any training equipment; it’s a precision-engineered tool that caters specifically to the needs of top-tier athletes. By focusing on correct form and technique from the outset, it ensures that athletes can achieve their peak performance levels without compromise. This emphasis on proper form is crucial for long-term development and injury prevention, making the Commander an indispensable part of any serious athlete’s training arsenal.

Innovative Design for Optimal Strength Development

What sets the Commander apart is its innovative design, which challenges athletes to maintain optimal form. The equipment is constructed to dig into the grass when used improperly, providing immediate feedback to the user. This unique feature ensures that every exercise is performed with the correct technique, fostering strength development in the most effective and safe manner possible.

Versatility for Comprehensive Training

The Commander’s versatility lies in its array of attachments, which enable athletes to simulate specific sports scenarios, from cleaning a ruck to executing line-out drives. This adaptability makes it a valuable addition to any training regimen, offering varied workout options that can be tailored to the unique needs of different sports, enhancing overall athletic performance.

Unmatched Durability for Professional Use

More Fitness Systems’ commitment to quality is evident in the Commander’s construction. With all steel components precision laser-cut, it guarantees a perfect fit and unparalleled durability. This level of quality assurance aligns with the highest standards of professional training equipment, ensuring that the Commander can withstand the rigors of intense daily use by elite athletes.


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