Medical website design

Website for medical practices need to be appealing to patients and the best way to achieve this is through relevant design and content.

Kanoobi Digital Agency are specialist web designers with years of experience when it comes to design websites. They also specialized in SEO strategies for local businesses.



Kanoobi is a full digital agency that offers web designbrandingSEO and digital marketing. Work with people that understand your business needs. With more than 17 years experience in the industry, Kanoobi has achieved great success for their clients. We have created exceptional logo‘s through our graphic design office for exceptional Businesses!


At, we are your architect, your launch pad, your secret weapon. As a Chicago born-and bred family business, we understand that your online efforts are an investment in your future.


Our marketing efforts for our clients in the healthcare industry is proven to build patient trust, increase practice security, and significantly boost digital reputation. Our work with medical websites includes hospitals, emergency centers, practitioners and others in the healthcare field. Our team is trained to craft designs and content that fulfills the unique messaging goals and legal requirements of the healthcare industry. We never sacrifice your integrity or credibility.


Rosemont Media creates beautiful and educational websites for practices offering plastic surgery, bariatric surgery, ophthalmology, orthopedic surgery, and a variety of other medical specialties. Our graphic designers, writers, and consultants have extensive knowledge and experience developing websites for a range of medical fields. We will design your website with a state-of-the-art, user-friendly interface, and all aspects will be customized to ensure that the results provide the best possible reflection of your practice. Our team will collaborate with you to develop the look and navigation of your site, and our experienced team of writers will create custom content to highlight your experience, the procedures you offer, and what patients can expect while they are in your care. Rosemont Media can also utilize unparalleled marketing strategies designed to make sure your website and your name are prominently displayed on search engines in your community.


A Nuanced medical website is a reflection of the facility that it represents. It is clean, professional, secure, complies with all HIPAA regulations and accurately communicates your mission. The site evokes a level of trust, is easy to use, and emphasizes the expertise of the staff. Nuanced medical web designs are custom crafted to boost your online reputation, educate your user base, and create relationships with potential patients as well as referral sources.


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