Have you heard about the digital disruptive factor?

Talk to CEOs and CMOs these days and ask them what they are most concerned about, and I bet you “disruption” is somewhere in the reply. I’ve even heard that some organizations internally ban the word “disruption,” concerned using it will instill fear and therefore, paralysis.

But, won’t fear and avoiding/ignoring disruption cause even more damage?

If anyone should be leading the charge within the enterprise, it’s CMOs and their teams. First, though, we need to recognize what we’re up against. What exactly is digital disruption?

The image above is a great demonstration of the digital disruptive factor has already shaped our world and it is only the beginning.

So where do you start to address the digital disruptive factor in your business?

Here is our top 5 suggestions to bridge the digital disruptive factor for any industry:

  1. Look at the strengths in your  business and find ways to increase that through digital channels before you look for new markets to engage with digital channels. Build from your current strength and develop that with a long term digital strategy.
  2. Don’t believe the hype of infinite markets on the internet. It is still people who pay with credit cards not search engines. Don’t build you digital marketing strategy for algorithms build it for people.
  3. Don’t think small, think big. Digital marketing can be the factor that puts you ahead of your competition.
  4. Work with an expert that has experience in developing digital marketing strategies for businesses. Take it step by step but do it with consistency.
  5. Your digital strategy must address your complete online presence not just you website, everything. There must be measurable outcomes in your day to day business.


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