10 Best Palisade Fencing Contractors in Cape Town

10 Best Palisade Fencing Contractors in Cape Town

10 Best Palisade Fencing Contractors in Cape Town


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The No. 1 reason to install a fence is to increase the first line of security to your property.

Installing a fence not only clarifies boundaries between neighbors but it is the first line of security to your property and family. A good quality fence can increase your security tremendously!

Increase Your Property’s Value By Installing A Fence

As previously stated, making an investment by installing a fence can potentially yield you a high return whenever you decide to sell your home. Home buyers will appreciate a property that already has a durable safety and privacy fence installed. However, you will need to be aware that the type of fence you choose will be instrumental in determining not only the resell value of the home, but also the number of home buyers that are interested in it.

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Steel palisade fencing often tipped with spiked elements, gives your home a Victorian look while providing additional security.  We supply a complete range of components as well as manufacture galvanized materials to contractors and the public from our factory in Hout Bay, Cape Town. We also provide a full contracting and installation service to Developers, Construction companies and Quantity Surveyors as well as home and property owners, specialising in a all palisade fence and gates


We at Roofing and Steel recognised the need for a Parameter Protective Fence that really did what other Palisade Fencing fail to do…keep dangerous criminals out. Directors Garry Kinnes and Eddie Windsor took their requirements off to their Research and Development Division where ideas were exchanged and other so called Protective Fence Designs were studied with a view to possibly making improvements to existing designs. One design appeared to come close to our requirements but still showed its flaws because it allowed for criminals to find a hand hold on the decorative spike located at the top of each Pale. Never the less, it had potential. So we called in the help of our very competent Tool Designer and after making various adjustments to an existing Tool Design he came up with what we have justly called the Knight Ripper Spike and Knight Ripper Palisade Fence.


Crime is on the up in South Africa and adequate security measures need to be implemented to avoid becoming a statistic. Securing your home could be the most important first line of defence against intruders gaining entry to your residence. A house with adequate fencing is a deterrent to a criminal due to the added obstruction and time required to break in.


Three generations later, Elco has emerged into one of Gauteng’s largest private steel companies, well known and respected throughout South Africa. With + 40 years experience we have a highly experienced sales team, always ready to assist and offer the best free steel advice.PRICES IN HAZYVIEW AND MOKOPANE MAY VARY.


Looking for the best fencing to meet your property’s protection and good look requirements? We are experts in providing cost-effective high quality fencing solutions including Palisade fencing, with different types of spears heads like single point, trident and 7-spike. We cover all of Cape Town and surrounding areas and offer an excellent quality fencing manufacturing and installation service to all our customers. No work is too complex for us and we ensure to offer high-quality services, including full design, manufacture and site installation with Palisade and other fences to suit our clients own specific specifications.


At Palisade Fencing Pros represents the best manufacturers and installers of fencing around South Africa. We are here to help you get in in touch with the right company to install your palisade fence. We have been helping home owners and business owners get quality steel palisade fencing and around Cape Town and the general City of Cape Town area for years.


Palisade fencing can be quickly and efficiently installed with minimum disruption to your environment. The variety of styles and finishes ensure that Eco Fence Cape can meet both your budget and preferred aesthetic.


Concrete palisade fencing provides increased security and high visibility. Boasting extensive experience both in manufacturing and construction, Concretex concrete palisade fencing is considered by many to be the industry standard. Since beginning manufacture over 20 years ago, Concretex has made numerous improvements to the product and the manufacturing process.


Steel & Pipes Cape Town is part of a national network of 18 branches. The group was established in 1993. The Cape Town branch has come a long way since opening in 2001. From humble beginnings in the Parow premises to their current 10 000m² site in Epping, Steel & Pipes has grown into one of the largest, preferred suppliers in the Steel and allied Industry in Cape Town.

The SPFA business concept allows clients a one-stop purchasing experience from the most centrally situated supplier in the industry!  SPFA with their product range and flexibility, supply from the one-man DIY operator, to the emerging contractor and semi-government department, to the largest engineering concerns in steel manufacturing.



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